The Border Boys Podcast

The Border Boys Podcast

Immigration Real Talk

About the show

Join Leo the Lawyer and other real lawyer folk for a “unique” approach to immigration news. You’ve probably never heard an immigration podcast like quite like this. This is no-holds-barred, down-to-earth, irreverent shindig cuts the crap and gets to the truth of what really matters. Yes, this is a left-leaning show, and yes we’re big fans of immigration. Either way, it’s a good time with some good ol’ border boys (gender-neutral).

What Makes Us Different?

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Complex Issues Broken Down

Our show features impressions (usually bad), roasting of politicians, playful banter, casual conversation, and wholesome expressions. We’ll have special guests, group interviews, and creative events. Leo loves using his music production skills and experience to add some creativity to a field that usually appears as boring and dry as hell or extremely dire and depressing. (Yes, these are also fair descriptions). 

Don't Take Legal Advice from a Podcast

We are legit lawyers (at least for now), but please don’t take anything we say as legal advice. If you need help in a legal matter, we recommend you consult with a reputable and licensed lawyer in your area to get the conversation going. Just because the name is “Leo The Lawyer” doesn’t mean it’s “Leo Your Lawyer” (at least not without a proper agreement and fair compensation baybeeeeee.

Meet the Hosts

Leo The Lawyer

Leo The Lawyer is a solo immigration lawyer from Austin, Texas, and the main host of the Border Boys Podcast. Leo is a border boy himself, having been born and raised in the Rio Grande valley in south Texas. Leo founded the podcast as a creative outlet and to educate the public about key issues in immigration law and policy.

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